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Karnataka PGCET 2022 Preparation Tips

               To crack the Karnataka PGCET 2022 exam, candidates must be much prepared earlier at their study. To get a good result, there must be a good preparation plan. Here, we are discussion about some most liked preparation tips and tricks for Karnataka PGCET entrance test:

Time Management:

Divide your time according to your study plan, your topics and the subjects. Set the study time and hours daily and make it regular daily on same time.

Follow your time table strictly. Also give proper time to your sleep & other activities.


Know your Karnataka PGCET 2022 Syllabus properly before start the preparation. Get the latest syllabus and ensure that it must be the authentic one. Read the entire syllabus early.

Candidates should not cover those topics which are not the part of the syllabus as by this they will only waste their time.

Exam Pattern:

Read about the Karnataka PGCET 2022 exam pattern and process. It is the main thing which can help you to know that which topics or subject is need to read more to get more score.

With the help of exam patter, you will realize in which topic or part you are weak & in which you are strong.

Study Material:

Collect the study material before start your preparation. Some best guides and books are already available in the market in book stall. Collect the best books and other preparation stuff.

Try to refer the books which contain the complete syllabus.

Mock Test:

Mock test is a facility which is offered by the official before examination. You can judge your study by giving the mock test. And moreover you will get to know the style and pattern of the exam. After appear in mock test you will be familiar with the main (real) examination.

Previous Year Papers:

Get previous years papers for around 5 years. Meanwhile the preparation study, you can solve the previous years papers to know the on time status of your study. Beside this some important questions repeat often.

Prepare Notes:

Make your habit to write down the notes about what you studied. That will be very beneficial for you during the revision time. Writing is a good method for learning. Revise your notes on the daily basis.


Last but not the least, revise all the topics and point what you have studied. Revision must be there either on daily at the end of study or weekly. Keep atleast last one week only for revision.

Good Luck !

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