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Library Rules

1. Books and bound periodicals which have been issued out are liable to be recalled at any time, when so recalled they must be returned to the Library within the specified time.

2. Readers shall not write upon, damage, or make any mark upon any book, manuscript, or map belonging to the library.

3. Erase of any mark of stamp, label etc. on a book or manuscript of map belonging to the Library will be considered as misconduct and justification/fine will be charged.

4. Any reader observing a defect, or damage to any book or manuscript shall point out the same to the Library Staff immediately.

5. A borrower shall be responsible for the safe custody and return of a publication issued to him. In the event of its being lost or damaged he/she will have to reimburse the cost/replace the documents as per the rules.

6. Overdue charges will be laid on borrowed books and other reading materials as per the rules, if returned after the due date

7. No personal belongings including books are allowed inside the library.

8. Keep your personal belonging such as bags, books at in the property counter. Not to keep any valuables such as cash, mobile phones, ATM cards etc. in the counter. Library or its staff are not responsible for loss of any valuables.

9. Library Catalogue (OPAC) kept at the entrance of the library need to be used before making entry to the stack area to select book of your interest.

10. Books borrowed on a particular day will not be accepted for return on the same day.

11. Mobile phones need to be switched off or kept in the silent mode before making entry to the library/reading hall. Talking over mobile inside the library/reading hall is strictly prohibited.

12. Maintain silence in the library.

13. The Library working Hours: 10-00 A.M to 5-00 P.M.

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